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K3 is back on the road again!

K3, the most successful Belgian-Dutch girl group of all time, are back on the road again and enjoying performing live shows again with lighting designed by Jeroen Opsteyn from Painting with Light (PWL) who worked closely with choreographer, Tommy Gryson. A more minimalist ‘bare stage’ production concept was developed without video but with a show that is a lively, colourful, slick, and streamlined hi-energy performance to entertain all ages. While their major audience comprises the under 10s … parents and grandparents also universally enjoy the show! Everyone has a good time in the K3 universe!

The lighting design and programming introduce fluidity and animation to the stage in the absence of video, as one of the early artistic decisions was to present the band in a more theatrical setting, focusing on them and making lighting central to the show’s visuality. This was delivered thoughtfully and with great impact by Jeroen with a carefully chosen rig that includes 40 x Robe Tetra2 moving LED batten fixtures that play a key role in the lighting design, which, together with a series of smartly designed props and costumes and the tight choreography, help bring the stage alive with colour and energy. The Tetra2s are arranged in four vertical ‘perspective’ linear rows above the stage and provide a virtual ceiling and a host of architectural looks.  “I did not want to do another straight spot-wash-spot-wash design,” he explained, “Studio 100 shows are well known for having great production values, and everyone wanted something different, fresh and clean on this tour, so I think with this layout and more structural approach was the way-to-go.”

“Giddy Up & Go” is the foot-tappingly catchy third song of the set, and it features 15 Astera Titan Tubes which are used highly effectively as illuminated props in a skilful collaboration between the tour’s lighting designer, Jeroen Opsteyn of Painting with Light (PWL), choreographer Tommy Gryson, the three K3 girls and 12 dancers. Jeroen and Tommy both hit on the idea of changing the shape and perception of the performance space – just for one song – using Astera Titan Tubes as hand-held props, which Studio 100’s technical production manager Jan De Goeyse made happen. Titan Tubes were a perfect solution. Jeroen had used them previously as static lighting at events or on TV sets, but not as a unique dynamic effect, and once he and Tommy hit on the idea of creating a kinetic effect in conjunction with the dance moves, he knew Astera was the way to go. Apart from the wireless functionality, Jeroen loves the colours and colour mixing of the Astera Titan Tubes, together with their robustness and quality engineering. “They were simply the perfect lighting fixtures for the job,” he confirms.

The general lighting mood of the set is versatile and vibrant – from the heat of Latin America to the disco dancefloor to the classroom, most scenes include elaborate set pieces which are moved on and off stage by the dancers, all highly effective.

This current K3 tour continues playing daily multiple weekender shows through the summer until December, with sold out theatres as everyone celebrates being able to sing and dance live and collectively together again – post pandemic – to their favourite K3 songs! “As always, it’s great to be working with Studio 100’s technical production manager Jan De Goeyse and the wider team that made this show and tour happen as everyone understands the importance of presenting a good show and works to the highest standards of excellence,” concluded Jeroen.

Pictures by Louise Stickland
Robe Lighting